Eura has eight basic education schools in total: six primary schools (grades 1–6) and one upper comprehensive school (grades 7–9). In addition, there is one special education school in Eura (grades 1–9). Under the Basic Education Act, the local authority is obligated to arrange basic education for children of compulsory school age residing in its area. The purpose of the education is to support the pupils’ growth into humanity and into becoming ethically responsible members of society and to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed in life.

Compulsory school attendance begins in the year the child turns seven. The child’s school place is determined on the basis of his/her home address, special needs and the sizes of school groups. In most cases, the child will be enrolled in the school situated closest to the child’s home.

First and second grade pupils and pupils entitled to special support have the opportunity to participate in afternoon activities after school hours. Afternoon activities are provided at the Honkilahti, Kauttua, Kirkonkylä, Kiukainen and Panelia schools. The child’s guardians may apply for a place in afternoon activities for their child, if necessary due to work or studies. In addition, the Kirkonkylä school provides morning activities for pupils entitled to special support.

The pupil is entitled to school transport free of charge if the journey to school is longer than five kilometres for a pupil in basic education.  The pupil is entitled to school transport free of charge also if the aforementioned journey is too difficult or dangerous in view of the pupil’s age and other circumstances.

The school serves all pupils attending school one balanced meal free of charge during the school day. 

Photo: Tomi Glad / Glad Media Oy

Schools in the municipality of Eura:

Hinnerjoki school (grades 1–6)
Rinnomäentie 15
27600 Hinnerjoki

Honkilahti school (grades 1–6)
Koskenkylänraitti 15
27650 Honkilahti

Kauttua school (grades 1–6)
Harjutie 16
27500 Kauttua

Kirkonkylä school (grades 1–6 + special needs classes)
Sorkkistentie 4
27510 Eura

Kiukainen school (grades 1–6)
Muihkontie 10
27400 Kiukainen

Panelia school (grades 1–6)
Kaskistontie 21
27430 Panelia

Ahmasoja school (special needs school, grades 1–9)
Savikontie 11
27510 Eura

Eura upper comprehensive school (grades 7–9)
Savikontie 11
27510 Eura

In Finland, compulsory education extends to the age of 18. This means that after the end of the comprehensive school, everyone must complete an upper secondary qualification (a general upper secondary qualification or a vocational qualification). Compulsory education includes study materials free of charge until the age of 20, if the person has not completed the qualification before that. Eura has an upper secondary school and vocational schools are situated in the neighbouring municipalities.