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Basic knowledge about Eura

There are 12.500 residents in Eura and is located in southern Satakunta. Eura was founded in 1866 and extended in 1970 when Honkilahti and Hinnerjoki were appended to Eura and in 2009 when Kiukainen municipality was appended to Eura.

Eura has very special prehistory and it is also very significant in Finland. Especially items from ironage make Eura very famous and are known all over the world.

Today Eura is one of the most industrialised communs in Finland. Economic structure is variable and the companies are leaders in their sectors.

Pyhäjärvi, Koskeljärvi and Harola

The lakes are the main things in Eura's nature (over 20) and nature is also flourishing and variable.

Pyhäjärvi is the best known and biggest lake in south-west Finland. Most of it is located in Eura. The lake is very famous and known for its quantity and a place to spend freetime.

Koskeljärvi is located in Honkilahti and is one of the best known birdlakes in Finland. The most of its coastline is protected and forbidden to built summercottages. There is a birdtower and a few stopping places to explore in the nature.

Harola is a place where you can explore and see different kinds of trees and also Pyhäjärvi lake is near Harola.